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Another Visit to Sin City

By on Mar 8, 2014 in Previews | 0 comments

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You can dislike a piece of art but still find some aspect of it that resonates with you. The original Sin City film was like that for me. What worked on paper, didn’t work on the big screen. The jagged edges of Frank Miller’s art felt flattened, polished, and slick. And a good artist doesn’t necessarily make a good director. The film felt bloated, empty, and its little bit of visual flash soon forgotten. It was the film equivalent of walking onto and off the Strip.

The scene that stayed with me was one of the few intimate ones. A conversation between Benicio Del Toro and Clive Owen’s characters guest directed by Quentin Tarantino. Funny thing is I don’t like Tarantino. His films represent many of the attributes I disliked in the original Sin City. Yet, as they say in sports, sometimes it is all about the match up. The dialogue, the lighting, the black and white of Miller’s esthetic, worked so well in that one scene for me that I still frequently replay it in my mind.

Well Frank Miller is taking another trip into his world with Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. Like last time the cast is stellar with Eva Green, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Josh Brolin, and Ray Liotta among the notables joining in the fun. Robert Rodriguez, the force behind getting the original film a greenlight thanks to his The Customer is Always Right short film, will be co-directing again.

I haven’t decided if I am game for another visit. The trailer sure does look slick, just like the Strip:


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